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How to prepare an AVOCADO | Quick tips for selecting and cutting avocados | Healthy Eating Advice

Love avocado but not sure about the best way to prepare avocado? This 'how to' video is all about avocados; how to select them, how to store them and, most importantly, how to cut them. When you go to the market and you're looking for an avocado, pick them up and feel them. They just have a slight 'give' if the squeeze them. Just press very gently around the stem end. It should yield a little, but if it's really soft it's probably overripe. If you buy an avocado that's too firm, then pop it in a brown paper bag and give it a few days on the counter to ripen up. Remember to check it now and then until it feels like it's the right degree of ripeness for you. When you're ready to prepare your avocado, take a look at it. You may see a little stem at the top (the narrower, more pointy end), you can just pop that out with your finger. To open up your avocado, either carefully hold it in your hand or put it down on a chopping board. Most people cut it from top to bottom as it's then easier to remove the flesh but there are no hard and fast rules! Use a small, sharp knife and push lightly into the avocado until you feel the stone (or pit). The stone is usually around an inch (or two centimeters) in diameter and it will be right in the middle of your avocado. Carefully slice your avocado into two - going around the stone. When you're ready, ease the two halves apart by holding the avocado with one hand on each side of the cut, and then twisting each half away from the other. The stone will stay in one half. People try all types of ways to remove the stone but the easiest way is also the most dramatic! Put the half of the avocado with the stone in it down on a chopping board with the stone facing up. Now, pick up your knife and strike the stone. You need to use a little bit of confidence and aim to get the blade of your knife about a quarter or halfway into the avocado stone. It may take a few attempts to master this action but, safely, give it a good whack. Once your knife blade is firmly in the stone, all you have to do is wiggle the knife a little by the handle, and the stone will come free of the avocado with no mess. Now that you have removed the avocado stone, just take a spoon and scoop all the way around your avocado to remove the flesh. Try to get as close to the peel as you can because the outer flesh contains the most nutrients. You can see that it's usually a little darker and it's packed with lutein, a phytonutrient. Once you've taken the avocado flesh out of the skin, you're ready to prepare it however you wish. Slices of avocado are great for sandwiches or you could try cubes for salad. For a low calorie alternative to mayonnaise, you might even want to mash your avocado - it tastes great combined with tuna! Avocados are known as a healthy fat and they're absolutely delicious and versatile. Think of them as a taste enhancer and try using in place of cheese to add quick, tasty and healthy flavor to your meals. For more nutrition advice from Herbalife visit http://www.DiscoverGoodNutrition.com or take a look at the Healthy Living YouTube Playlist: http://hrbl.me/VJ6XEl.

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