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Healthy eating habits for the Holy Month of Ramadan | Mashreq Bank

When deciding what to eat during Ramadan, it is vital to know Iftar and Suhoor help you to sustain your fast and therefore consuming the right food is essential for a healthy living. Follow Mashreq Bank for health tips that you may find useful during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Health Tips from Mashreq: 1) Ramadan Tips: Quit smoking during Ramadan and beyond http://bit.ly/1K0ncas 2) Stay fit during the Holy Month of Ramadan | Mashreq Bank http://bit.ly/1K0niix 3) Ramadan health tips from Mashreq Bank: Importance of a balanced diet http://bit.ly/1K0njD8 4) Ramadan Tips from Mashreq Bank: Eat healthy to chase obesity away http://bit.ly/1K3bYiA 5) Ramadan Tips from Mashreq Bank: Include delicious low calorie foods in your diet http://bit.ly/1HpWHYh Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/mashreqbank https://twitter.com/MashreqTweets https://instagram.com/mashreqbankofficial/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/mashreqbank https://plus.google.com/+Mashreq https://www.pinterest.com/mashreqbank/

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