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Yummy Stories is a 46-minute long audiobook designed to entertain your children while it whets their appetite for veggies. The six fun folk tales written by the award-winning author Lil L. Alexander are cleverly performed by Andrei Ionescu, a very gifted actor, composer, and musician based in London. Each story includes catchy songs, short poems and entertaining sounds, carrying a strong message about healthy eating.

The dramatization perfectly matches Alexander’s ingenious and cheerful style. There is a beautiful harmony between the text, the bright and warm narrator voice, the fascinating characters, and the music that vividly carries each story from beginning to end. The rhythms and rhymes appeal to children and help them focus on the stories while stimulating them to become a part of the action.

This uniquely created children’s audiobook is a musical journey to remember, with an original, rich and delicate score composed by Ionescu. The musical instruments heard are carefully selected to match the world of either adventurous characters, fairies or rural surroundings. They are mostly organic, natural instruments such as piano, tuba, and clarinet, but also world instruments such as banjo, didgeridoo, and berimbau just to name a few. Listening to the versatile soundscape and songs contributes to broadening children’s musical horizons.

Yummy Stories promotes good health in a charming and useful way without being preachy. Children will sing along and be captivated as each story transports them to magical lands full of humor and music that inspire positive emotions, healthy eating habits and love for nature. This stunning dramatization of the award-winning book Yummy Stories is a wonderful gift for children ages 4 to 8 years – picky eaters, fussy eaters or healthy eaters.

Stories: 1. The Pea and the Princess, 2. Cheekerchuck, the Dinosaur Who Liked to Eat, 3. The Three Garden Fairies, 4. Longbeard the Giant Swallowed the Carrots Whole, 5. The Strawberry that Liked to Brag. 6. The Frog and the Emperor’s Cabbage

About the narrator: Actor, singer, and composer, Andrei Ionescu has shown an inclination for the arts from an early age. Andrei creates music for film & theater, as well as giving life to characters through his performance on stage, and leads music and live performance workshops for UK kids and teenagers. Yummy Stories presented an attractive challenge for Ionescu, one which he took on wholeheartedly. Andrei loves children and childhood and is convinced that well-written and well-told stories are important for their intellectual, emotional and social development.

About the book: Yummy Stories has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards. The annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards recognized Yummy Stories in the category of Picture Books Ages 4-8 as a Winner and a Finalist in the Children’s Inspirational category.

All the Yummy Stories formats and editions (Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook) were designed: to spark children’s imagination (through adventures in the wild, believable characters); to inspire children to learn about natural food (life cycle of plants, gardening; pollination); to help develop social skills (sharing, helping, cooperation); to help children think, form judgments, make decisions, and values; to increase children interest and acceptance of a more diverse diet and even to stimulate the appetite for vegetables and fruits.

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