Teaching Technologies in Nursing & the Health Professions: Beyond Simulation and Online Courses




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This is an excellent resource, highly recommended for new and seasoned educators at every level.

Nursing Education Perspectives

Health information technology is now the top priority for improving nursing and health care by informing clinical care, interconnecting clinicians, personalizing care, and improving population health at large. This book presents a broad range of cutting-edge teaching technologies and a detailed overview of teaching and learning pedagogical concepts that are relevant across a variety of teaching environments. Helpful to both new and seasoned educators, these “must-know” strategies allow faculty to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world.

The book helps to guide faculty in making thoughtful, informed decisions on how and where to integrate technology into learning environments. A major feature of this book is the Integrated Learning Triangle for Teaching with Technologies, a faculty tool to help determine if and how specific technologies can promote student learning. Other important chapter pedagogy includes best teaching practices, teaching and learning self-assessment tools, useful tips for faculty such as “making teaching easier,” and reflective questions and activities for the reader.

Key Topics:

  • Using cutting-edge technologies as tools for “active learning,” such as automated response systems, clickers, podcasts, blogs, wikis, web-based modules, and more
  • Expanding faculty and student technology skills and information literacy-a critical competency in all nursing programs
  • Using the Internet and digital videos to help bridge the classroom with the clinical setting
  • Reflecting on how technology impacts current communication systems
  • Incorporating simulation into students’ clinical learning experiences
  • Promoting self-directed, lifelong learning through health information technology

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