Surefire Ultra High Ouput LED Weaponlight, Black




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The Surefire X300 Ultra delivers a stunning 500-lumen beam focused by a precision TIR lens. Its specially selected high-performance LED is biased slightly towards the yellow-green part of the spectrum to which the human eye is most sensitive. This combination of extreme output and optimized off-white light color increases perceived light available for the user, creates a brighter surround beam for enhanced situational awareness, and increases the blinding effect on an opponent’s dark-adapted vision. The X300 attaches to the Picatinny and Universal rails found on many handguns, and will fi t many popular rail-less handguns by using Sure Fire’s MR adapter mounts. It features integral one-finger ambidextrous switching and can be equipped with Sure Fire’s optional DG handgun grip switch. Also attaches to the Picatinny rails on long guns, and can be activated via optional remote switches.Special off-white high-performance LED produces 500 lumens biased in the yellowish-green spectrum optimal for human vision
Precision TIR lens creates a smooth, tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral illumination
Integral, ergonomic one-finger ambidextrous momentary and constant on switching
Instantly attaches to both Universal and Picatinny accessory rails
Accepts optional pressure-activated switches for precision control without altering grip on weapon


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