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Progesterone The Ultimate Women‚Äôs Feel Good Hormone answers why you‚Äôre having those miserable hot flashes, why you‚Äôre having those horrible night/day/all the DANG TIME sweats. Educates you on the REAL reasons you‚Äôre having ‚Äúhormonal‚Äù migraines (and it‚Äôs not a Lortab¬© deficiency as most physicians think). Sleep better, feel sexier and wake up happier. Reduce your risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes, and feel great doing it. Endometriosis is addressed in detail and how it‚Äôs either a problem with low progesterone, or progesterone resistance (progesterone receptor problem) ‚Äì NOT lack of a ‚Äúlaser ablation‚Äù or hysterectomy! Everything‚Äôs fully referenced, nothing‚Äôs made up, so you can defend your position with your own doctor, and quote the articles and studies and literature. If that doesn‚Äôt work (and your doctor won‚Äôt listen) Dr. Purser tells you how you can find a doctor to help you with getting natural progesterone or how to even find some over the counter. Dr. Purser lectures about progesterone all over the world and educates physicians on it and the public — he knows of which he speaks and this book makes it simple to see why. If you‚Äôre suffering and feeling like garbage from your peri-menopause, get this book NOW and save yourself more sleepless sweaty miserable nights. A female hormone guide book written by a top preventive medicine and endocrine MD/physician researcher. Includes: Dealing with menopause and depression naturally Discover why your menopause cream is not working A true natural menopause guidebook Learn menopause survival that works! Prevent PMS mood swings Reduce PMS anxiety Awesome tips for PMS survival, PMS relief, and PMS comfort Hot flash therapy Night sweat therapy Be migraine free with a Natural Migraine cure Be free of endometriosis and pelvic pain Find out about a true natural endometriosis medicine Endometriosis therapy & endometriosis causes Endometriosis cure discussed How to naturally deal with endometriosis and infertility It‚Äôs time to take control of your health, because no one else will.


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