Population Health: Management, Policy, and Technology. First Edition




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Population Health – Management, Policy and Technology, First Edition is a 14 chapter anthology on issues confronting today’s public health and medical care stakeholders (i.e., consumers, patients and their families, care providers, clinicians, health care workers, public health workers, community leaders, academics, policy researchers, and technologists) in each community’s healthcare and public health network. The transformation of the United States (U.S.) public health and medical care system is being driven by the need for improving quality, access and affordability of services for all patients and consumers in the United States. Topics include: • Structured network collaborations- value alliances, • Health in All Policies, • Accountable care organizations and clinical integration networks, • Aging population issues, • Chronic disease, • Public health system transformation, • Social determinants of health, • Health promotion, • Health information technology and exchange, • Health impact assessments, • Innovations across the healthcare, health information technology, and public health sectors, and • The importance of integrated behavioral health services among other topics. This collaborative first edition work brings together contributions from authors across academia, industry, and government sectors. It offers new insights into these topics and many others for university faculty and students, policy makers, physicians, health technologists, and health care and public health professional alike. Population Health: Management, Policy, and Technology, First Edition, can serve as an expansive classroom textbook as well as a guide for insights, references, and ongoing health and public health policy evolution to spawn awareness, education, creative thinking, and new policy initiatives in the 21st century. Additional contributing authors to this work included: Scott Hedges, MD,Anthony Zipple, Sc.D, MBA, Sandra Wilkiniss, PhD, John P. Reinhart, CPA, MBA, CNA, Kathleen Smith, MBA, MPH, and Stephanie Suzanne Lipow, MLIS.


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