Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: 100 Weight Loss Recipes for Healthy Living and a 4-Week Meal Plan




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If you’ve been feeling like in a prison every time you tried a diet then it is time for a change…. a change of freedom towards a diet that gives you the opposite of what you’ve been experiencing until now. Professional nutritionist LR Smith brings his 15 years of experience by sharing in his Mediterranean: Diet for Beginners a step-by-step process to give color to your life and to your kitchen! Learn how to enjoy dieting in the most healthy and tasty way. While books on the same subject have a strong focus on a strict approach to this diet, this one gives you the benefits of health, enjoyment and the teachings necessary to implement it efficiently, and with a lot of grace (no need to marry a Spaniard – I already did that for you!) These are some of the secrets you’ll be learning: Cooking tips Recipes that are easy and tasty An informative guideline to be followed for 4 weeks And much more! This has been a new rejuvenating change for millions of people and it can be so for you too. Just by following the guideline presented you’ll allow your transition to be a pleasant change instead of another painful diet. It is not about depriving yourself, it is about enjoying food in a healthy way that doesn’t case stress to your stomach, and thus to your mind. Unlock the great health and flat stomach (without hunger) you deserve to have after all that time lost in other ineffective diets and books. Don’t miss out on your well-deserved healthier, happier, slimmer and incredibly vibrant version of yourself.


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