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Colorful and educational Healthy Kid’s Plate is divided into 6 sections each representing a food group or type. The sectioned plate has a triangle in the center where the food is served. Children will enjoy learning how to build a healthy body by eating healthy foods in proper portion sizes. “Climbing” through the meal to reach the top and retrieve the final section where the small “treat” is waiting for a reward. The plate helps parents serve food from all food groups in proper proportion. There are sections for: Grain, Vegetable, Fruit, Dairy, Meat and Treat (Desert). Meal time can be used for fun teachable moments using this plate. Healthy Kid’s Plate serves as a reminder to use balance and consider all food groups at meal time for the “good eater” and continues to teach good lifelong healthy habits at an early age. Healthy Kids Plate serves as a tool for the “picky” eater as well. While explaining food groups to the young toddler eater, the Healthy Kids Plate also gives the young child an opportunity to make meal time more enjoyable if they are “working for a treat”. This concept is meant to emphasize that treats are “ok” in moderation and meant to be enjoyed. The Healthy Kids Plate fosters positive dialogue and learning at mealtime.Fun Educational Colorful Children’s Plate utilizing divided sections each representing a food group
Teaches Healthy Eating Habits benefiting both the Good Eater and the Picky Eater
Helps foster positve dialogue and learning at mealtime
Made of durable shatter proof Melamine
Dishwasher Safe


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