101 Healthy Living Tips for Business Travelers




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Vacations are a wonderful break from reality, but for those who travel constantly for business, “getting away” can become exhausting—not to mention unhealthy. Robin Fleck tackles the ways in which business travelers can make healthy choices, no matter where they are.

In reality, traveling can make us feel awful. We’re thrown off our normal routines entirely. We’re often surrounded by fast food, sweets, and too much caffeine. Even if we successfully avoid the temptations, there’s the lure of eating out and of leaving the workout for another day.

In this practical, straightforward guide to healthy living, Robin Fleck uses her more than twenty years of experience traveling three to five days a week for her career to lay out the simple tactics that other business travelers can utilize to live a healthy lifestyle.

From stress-relief methods to packing tips to advice on eating and working out without a gym, 101 Healthy Living Tips for Business Travelers is a wonderful guide on how to conquer healthy living every day, even when you’re far from home.


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